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Aisling Tailored Tweed Cape - Winning Green Herringbone

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Aisling Tailored Tweed Cape - Winning Green Herringbone
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Aisling Tailored Tweed & Leather Cape - Winning Green Herringbone

The perfect addition to elevate your winter wardrobe with unparalleled style and sophistication. This statement piece embodies all the elements that make outerwear truly exceptional. Immerse yourself in the classic and structured design, where a waistcoat style lies underneath the cape, creating clean and sharp lines that accentuate your silhouette with elegance and grace. Crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, boasting a beautifully lush hand-feel that exudes luxury and comfort. As part of our unwavering sustainability commitment, this cape is made from sustainable and recyclable fabrics and trims, reflecting our dedication to environmentally friendly practices while ensuring you make conscious fashion choices. Embrace functionality and practicality with the inclusion of discreet pockets in the cape, keeping your hands warm and offering convenience during chilly winter days. Make a bold statement with the striking top collar button, accompanied by a row of 8 fabric-covered buttons running down the front, adding a touch of opulence and elegance to the overall design. Noteworthy details include the unique leather neckline, setting this cape apart as a truly distinctive and eye-catching piece. The slightly puff shoulders add an element of femininity and charm, elevating the cape's allure to new heights of sophistication. Enhancing its allure, the cape features a slightly dipped hem at the back, adding a touch of drama and movement to your ensemble. The classic dot lining further complements the cape's timeless charm, ensuring that every aspect of this piece embodies the highest standard of quality and refinement. Embrace the beauty of this cape as it completes your winter wardrobe with its versatile elegance, exuding confidence, and grace in every step you take. Made from sustainable and recyclable fabrics and trims. 

  • Functional discreet pockets in cape to keep your hands warm.

  • Statement top collar button with 8 fabric covered buttons running down front.
  • Notice the unique leather piping and slightly puff shoulders.
  • Slightly dipped hem at the back.
  • Classic dot lining.
  • Easy going and a perfect layer for all your winter excursions 
  • Arm slits for easy movement
  • Discreet pocket in arm flaps to keep your hand warms
  • Fully Lined 
  • Dry Clean only

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