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Avoca Handweavers

Co. Wicklow is the birthplace and the origin of our family company's name, Avoca Handweavers. Built on the banks of the Avoca River from where it used to draw its power, you'll find a hardworking handweaving mill. Our Mill itself dates from 1723, and is said to be the oldest extant manufacturer in Ireland and, indeed, one of the world's oldest.

To this day, Avoca throws are handwoven at the original Mill in the picturesque village of Avoca, at the Meeting of the Waters in County Wicklow. Initially, it took the raw wool from the sheep of the surrounding hills and valleys and through a process of carding, spinning, dyeing and weaving transformed it into clothing and blankets for barter and sale.

Avoca rugs, throws, and blankets in natural fibres such as 100% pure new lambswool, mohair, cashmere, even cotton and linen are making homes beautiful, people stylish and life cosy right across the world. From Berlin to Boston, Dublin to Dubai, Sydney to San Francisco, Avoca handiwork gives pleasure as it has done for just short of 300 years.

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