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Extra Fine Merino Cosmo Scarf - Toasted Clay

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Extra Fine Merino Cosmo Scarf - Toasted Clay
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Extra Fine Merino Cosmo Scarf - Toasted Clay

A truly stunning scarf, the Cosmo has the perfect blend of contemporary Irish design and craftsmanship. 

Made from 100% extra fine merino wool, woven together so that each and every thread is different.

It has been woven on a vertical hand-warping mill which creates the beautiful effect of the broken twill weave. 

The Cosmo can be worn as both a scarf and a shawl and features a beautiful blend of colors.

  • Woven From 100% Extra Fine Merino Wool
  • Broken Twill Weave
  • Hand Knotted Fringes
  • Can Be Worn As A Scarf Or Shawl
  • Size: 0.45m x 2.30m Weight: 185g
  • Made In Ireland

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